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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tokyo Geographical Location : Southern Kanto Reigon Geographical Location : Southern Kanto Reigon 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Birth Rates Death Rates 1 3 . 1 9 Million People Management Strategies: In September they started a waste management plan. . Also they are still trying to reduce the waste.The plan is to minimise chemicals from industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes. Birth rate , Death rate Physical layout/Structure of the city: ~All the neighbourhoods are expanding outwards.~ And all of the city buildings for e.g.(hotels) are starting to expand upwards. 8 The average Salary is : 250,000.00The Rich Salary is : 400,000.00Which is then spent mostly on sport shoes, transportation,rent,Markets The population in Tokyo was . Women: 65,388.000 and Men: 61,909.000 65,388,000 61,909,000 Cheap Accommodation that is 15 square meters (170 Square feet). Weird fashion designs which can cost over 15.000.00 dollars for each item. Too many rules and (hilarious) signs. A cosmetic fashion design is getting extremely popular in Tokyo. The procedure : Silicon getting pumped into there foreheads which then bloats up the skin surrounding the forehead and it only last several weeks . Tokyo : Handling Urbanisation Positively Tokyo is coping with the increasing population within their city. Well honestly why would you complain , if you were a shop owner you could be getting thousands and thousands of dollars each week since the population is increasing , and yes we all have to except that there will be people saying that a increasing population is bad , sometimes you just have to think of the businesses and how much money our countries are getting from this.
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