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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rap Rock Country Music &Christianity Pop double click to change this title text! Lady Gaga double click to change this title text! Daughtr y Kanye West Toby Mac The Civil Wars Avett Brothers Katy Perry - Raised Roman Catholic - Attended Catholic school- Uses Christian references often in her artistry- "Alejandro" & "Judas" music videosknown for blasphemous imagery - Daughter of two Protestant pastors - Strict upbringing- Gone against tradition- Still incorporates Christian valuesinto songs like "Grace of God"- Opposes other music artists using religion in an attention seeking way by Jediah McCourt - Raised Protestant- Father was a Christian counselor- Later denounced his faith- Continues to use Christian ideology into work, last album was called "Yeezus"- "I don't wanna fuckin be Jesus-like, I wanna be Me-like" - Grew up devoutly Christian- Was a member of the 90's Christian rap group DC Talk- Sees music as a way to tap into faith without being too preachy- Is invigorated by changing attitudes in Christianty - Very religious upbringing- Sang in her Souther Baptist church- Has also ventured into Christian movies like "Soul Surfer"- Thanks Jesus and God frequently inacceptance speeches and interviews - Joy's parents worked in Christian ministry- Had a Christian music career- John White grew up writing folk music- Their music spans both lyrical themes- "Love and sex and faith and death- everyone's trying to make sense of those things" - The brothers grew up listening to gospel at church - Listened to bluegrass at home- A lot of their music has a foundationwithin the spiritual and Christian worlds- They keep an open mind with faith - Band formed by Chris Daughtrywho is a practicing Christian- Considered a rock band, butfound success on Christian charts as well- Uses religion and its themes to create music with wide appeal CarrieUnderwood
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