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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The bio-diversity of honeybees could decrease greatly due to favored charteristics of certain speices Better bees are picked to reproduce and populate more colonies. These bees show passion for their work, are highly efficient and demonstrate great hygien After 5yrs of selection in a colony of 3,000 honey yields increased 15.9% !A decease of 34% occurred in an unselected populationMore honey for EVERYONE! Rapidly spreading diseases kill billions of bees resulting in the loss of crop, wildlife and gardens Sister bees with the same father share 75% of their genes, 50% more than that found in other species. By: Cynthia Demand for research is creating more jobs and reinvigorating the bee industry Overall only 5% increase in colony productivity. Is it worth all that money? Organic honey will become less and less expensive as the of pesticide and other materials to keep colonies healthy won't be needed artificial selection Male bees are hatched from unfertilized eggs, they have no father and only half the chromosomes of a female temperamental guard bee aren't viable candidates for selection processes creating a 54 % decease in stinging rates leaving colonies susceptible to invading insects Mites and viruses that threaten bees will be eradicated as researches develop naturally resistant bees Those related to bee pesticides which keep colonies healthy will be left beehind as bees develope natural resistance Honey will again become organic as pesticidesused in it's proximity won'tbe needed 10-30 percent of European bees are killed by mites and viruses To bee or not To bee The honeybee is not born knowing how to make honey; the younger bees are taught by the more experienced ones. The art of bee breading isn't perfect, inflating the cost for efficient colonies
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