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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chapter 15: - Why do you think Jem comes to the door totell Atticus that the phone is ringing when he could haveanswered it himself?- Why do the men "jump a little"?- Does Jem understand the conversation the men are having?- Why is he scared for Atticus? Jem doesn't understand the conversation the men are having. The men in Atticus porch (Heck Tate, Mr. Avery, Mr. Link Deas) were informing Atticus that Tom would be moved to the Maycomb jail, and expressing their concern for Tom's safety. Theyre worried that a lynch mob from Old Sarum will form, and try to kill Tom before the trial even starts. I know Jem doesn't understand whats going onsince he doesn't recongnize the men and he doesn't understand the context of the conversation. He assumes, based on what he overheard, that the group of men are there to hurt Atticus. Basically, he is scared for Atticus because he thought that the men outside his porch were partof a mob/ gang, that wanted to lynchhim for defending Tom Robinson. Why is he scared?(mob, lynching) I think that Jem comes to the door to tell Atticus to answer the phone because he was actually scared that the "gang" outside would hurt Atticus. He though his father was in danger, and thats the first thing he blurted out when he panicked. He said that in the precise moment that the men were ominously getting closer to Atticus (to hear what he was saying) Phone? I think the men jumped a little because they were discussing anurgent matter and Jems sudden comment startled them. Why'd they jump?
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