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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Was the decisionto not indict Carl Lee fair? Certain charactersfollowed their morals anddefended the oppositerace, knowingthat there were consequences. Difference UNFAIR TRIALS FOR THEACCUSED NEGROES A TIME TO KILL Where isthis evident? Atticus Finch,Jake Brigance, and Ellen Roark Ellen and Jake defendedCarl Lee for beingcharged guiltyof killing the two menwho brutally raped his daughter. Carl Lee wascharged not guilty, butthrough the process, there were a lot ofprotests involving other negroes who wanted justice servedand the Ku KluxKlan. WHO? This shows inequality not onlyin the justice system, but alsoin general. The factthat both men thatwere accused wereblack, shows prejudice. In the end,Tom Robinsonwas accused of being guilty.Carl Lee was accused notguilty. Difference Atticus Finch defendedTom Robinson for being accused of raping a whitegirl. Although Atticus found he did not,the jurors indicted. When tryingto escape from prison, Tomwas shot and killed. People didn't support or defendnegroes. People supported and defended negroes. What were they defendingand what werethe consequences? Were peoplesegregatedagainst in each case? TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Both men that were indicted came from poor families and werenegroes. What was one of the effects of inequality in the South? A Time to Kill To Kill a Mockingbird and Inequality was prominent duringthe time of theJim Crow Laws -Atticus-Jake-Jem-Ellen-Scout -Ku Klux Klan -Ewells-The Rapists -Mrs. Dubose -White Population Defended negroes in cases involved with rape,white jury, and thereforean unfair trial againstthem. Atticus Jake Atticus chose to defend Tom Robinson in trial. He was accused of raping awhite girl, Mayella Ewell.Although Atticus feltthis was the right thingto do, other people in the town called him a 'nigger-lover' for doing so. From this, Bob Ewell threatened his kids, inaddition to the rest of the townjudging him and his family. Carl Lee- A Time to KillTom Robinson- To Kill a Mockingbird YES Jake, along with his partner, Ellen, chose to defendCarl Lee in killinghis daughters' rapists.Jake's wife and daughter had to leavetown because of threatsfrom the Ku Klux Klan. His house ended up getting burnt down.His daughter was alsoteased in school because her dad wasalso considered a 'nigger-lover.' Both were negroes involved in a trial with white lawyers. Tom Robinson Carl Lee Hailey Was the decisionto indict Tomfair? No; the decision washighly basedon race. Yes; final statementforced jurors to picture his situationas a white situation. By Shannon Donnelly and Megan Thorn
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