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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DECK Z: THE TITANIC By: Matt solomon & Chris Pauls Genre: Horror Titanic was to sail from Liverpool Europe, to New York America Mostly action packed but some very long and dry spots in between events. Got boring Theme: Do what you think is morally right not what your told to do. The main character finds a cure for this plague and is told to give it over to the German militaryfor a weapon when he knows its the right thing to do to keep it and help people. The Main Character is Dr. Weiss. He is a scientist that resaerches this plague that turns people into zombies.He is a stocky built man that everyone respects. He keeps to himself if he can.His main conflict is that he has this cure for the plague but Germany wants it to be used as a weapon for warso he runs away and what better way to run away then aboard the Titanic leaving for America. There is a zombie outbreak all over the Eastern Hemisphere and Dr.Weiss may have a cure. Weiss boards the Titanic to try and run from Germany's military agentfollowing him. Zombies start to take over the ship whileWeiss and other crewman fight themoff the best they can. The Titanic hits an iceberg and starts tosink releasing the zombies all over theship to roam and eat anything they want. The Titanic sinks with all of the zombies drowningas well as Dr. Weiss who couldn't make it to a lifeboat in time. What happened to Lou once she came back to her cabin from Gambling all day?A: Her mother yelled at her and took all her money.B: She jumped into bed and went straight to sleep.C: Her mother attacked and tried to kill her for she had become a zombie.D: Got attacked by a zombie out in the hallway. C: Her mother attacked and tried ti kill for she had become a zombie.
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