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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tisha Looker Fellow Gamers: Tisha Looker Taking Care of Business: Secretly a corgie lover In just two short years I've worked myself up from answering phones to being a driving force in tech.My position as Tech Concierge allows me to do somany great things. Sings along to Katy Perry I act as a dev advocate both between department lines to make sure they have everything they need, but also as a conduit between them and tech leadership. Moonlighted with tech for profit: 5697 Mahogany Run Pl. Las Vegas NV 89122 702-590-4335 You said it would impress you if Idid something in Java. Challengeaccepted! 2012 to Present - Passionate about technology! I could start out by regurgitating all the buzzwords associated with project management and eSports. I could even make them different colors so that they stick out and you know for sure that Ive read the job description a thousand times, which I may have, but Im not stalking you, I swear. But really, that would be a little dull. I wouldnt be applying if I didnt fit the description.Instead, I figured that I would tell you how I got started in gaming. When I was in high school I was in color guard. I loved comic books and computers, but I was never what anyone would consider a geek. I met my husband online before it was cool and after we started living together. He wanted me to play Everquest with him. To me, this sounded like the dumbest concept ever. I mean really, get online and run around fake characters and kill fake monsters for what? Nothing. You got absolutely nothing out of it.I went back and forth with him and finally I agreed to play. He sat me down and let me pick out my character, a half elf paladin. I logged in and he gave me a full set of bright pink platemail and a giant Wurmslayer. I was HOOKED. Im not sure if you realize this, but at lower levels you can only swing the Wurmslayer about three times before running out of stamina, but I looked awesome doing it.Since then Ive played many MMORPGs and have participated in many betas and have come to actually really enjoy it. I feel as though your core values lend themselves easily to my own way of thinking and how I encourage my family to act and grow. Also Blizzard has a great reputation for employee relations which is hard to achieve in the tech industry. I know that I could help you move forward in a positive and innovative way. I want to focus on project management as my sole responsibility moving forward and I would be privileged if I could do that with Blizzard. I look forward to speaking with you so I can go on and on about how great I am and how I have all these certifications that make me look good on paper. Id also like to brag about how Im part of the Project Management Institute and to tell you what color belt I am in the Six Sigma certification while also dropping hints about how my agile is so lean it needs to eat a sandwich. I hope to have that opportunity.Sincerly,Tisha Looker Geek Stats:- Pen and Paper RPG's- World of Warcraft- Hearthstone- Star Wars: KotOR Me Blizzard Epic Win
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