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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drink Smoke An d We can lessen the alcohol by, the stores that sell alcohol they need to stop selling alcohol to the minors people and they need to stop accepting the bilberry of the minors people so theories they will not think to drink and buy alcohol and make the parents do not give the kids the money to buy it We can lessen the alcohol by lessen the alcohol commercial because this the information given to the kids will be less so the kid will no think to drink them so this will help to not promote the alcohol to kids so children will not have the thinking of drinking alcohol. We can lessen the alcohol by make them parents do not drink alcohol in front of children and teach them what are the consequences of drinking alcohol so children they will not think to drink alcohol and they will teach their children the same and there will less alcohol media. We can lessen the alcohol by in school the teachers teaching the kids the consequences of drinking alcohol and make the kids think that the alcohol is a very bad drinking, the teacher can tell them the diseases that the alcohol can make to the body and to kids. We can less the alcohol by telling the children that they need to enjoy the childhood and they don't need to drink alcohol to think that they are bigger that they think so because the maturity come with the time so they do not need to think so much of the term TIPS Parents should be the example of their children by don't smoking, because they can start smoking because they believe that what their parents are doing is correct. The best is that parents should stop smoking for being the example of their kids. Teenagers should start reading, books, newspapers, and articles for know about the consequences of the smoking habit. For starting the reading habit, schools must start to make activities about reading and comment things related to smoke, this will show to the teens the importance of avoid this habit. Parents have the obligation of teach their children to avoid smoke, because most of the cases of teens that smoke are because teens used to influence through their friends, that's why is important the dialogue between parents and sons for guide them through the right way. Teachers and parents have to teach children that smoke affects their image, this is important because at this period of life, teenagers used to worried about their image (look), in this case, the cigarettes left a bad smell in their body or their teeth become yellow. If you're a teen anger and you are reading this, you know that most of "the cool kids" used to smoke, so don't start smoking for become a "cool kid", because this will have damages in your life. In case that you already started to smoke, talk to an adult that can help you for stop doing this.
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