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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Potentially provide informal child support, which can be viewed asa protective factor againsthomelessness." "Among those children living with a homeless parent, 80% are under 11-years-old." "41% of homeless menhave minor children." Family Homelessness "Family homelessness is found to be closelyassociated with female-headed households, unwed child rearing, and the economic hardshipsof single mothers." Structural Characteristics - Lack of affordable housing- Slack labor markets- Welfare reform- The availability of public housing- Access to homeless shelters Fathers "60% of homelesswomen have minorchildren." "Only 28% of homeless parents live with their children." Bettering Outcomes For The Homeless Population: Keeping Families Together (p. 488) (p. 488) (p. 505) - Deteriorating physical health- Issues with mental health- Substance abuse/ addiction- Domestic violence- Single motherhood- Welfare receipt- Issues with educational attainment (Fertig & Reingold, 2008) (p. 487) (Fertig & Reingold, 2008) (p. 486) "As families become increasingly dependent on single wage earnersand informal support (from friends and relatives)during a crisis, low-income housing subsidies, welfare, and other social benefits may gain importance in forestalling episodes of homelessness." (p. 490) "The birth of a new childcan leave poor familieshighly vulnerable to crisis. Alternatively, a child's birthmay prompt the mother toreconsider a relationshipmarked by domestic violence.This can increase the risk of homelessness." (p. 505) Assistance Cultural Characteristics Reference Fertig, A. & Reingold, D. (2008) Homelessness among At-Risk Families with Children in Twenty American Cities. Social Service Review, Vol. 82, No. 3 (September 2008), pp. 485-510).
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