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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COPYRIGHT not copywrong Copyright is a set of rules that dictate the terms of use of another person's creative work. Works may vary, and can be physical in form (like a poster, painting, or movie) or abstract (in the form of music, speech, dance, or general movement). Copyright can be transferred from person to person (as long as it is in writing), but generally expires 50 years after the owner's death. After production of a creative work, copyright already exists for it. When copyright is broken, the official owner can take legal action, often in the form of monetary fines. There are plenty of excepts to copyright though, which professionals and students must be aware - "Fair Dealing" for example, allows the use of copyrighted material for educational purposes. There are still restrictions on this, if you don't know what can and cannot be used, ASK! Creative Commons (CC) promotes a culture of sharing, often just requiring the user to attribute the work to the creator. There are many different types of Creative Commons copyright, each possessing a scope of restrictions and possibilities.Meanwhile, Proprietary Copy-right (C) reserves exclusive rights and requires authorization in the form of a license or legal consent. Digital Locks can be used to prevent others from stealing creative works; these are not fail safe though; and are easily bypassed through third party intervention. Breaking of digital locks are prohibited by Canada's Copyright Modernization Act. Teachers, students, and all professionals must model appropriate copyright use. Do not plagerise (posting someone else's work as original content). Be ethical and cite sources. Timmy Failure Know Look What You Have Done Directed by Ethan Pitcairn Genre: Realistic Fiction A Polar Bear as Total [Timmy's pet] Rollo is a smart kid Who is Timmy's best freind. Rollo plays a big role because he helps Timmy on his on his missions. Timmy Failure is a hilarious, realistic fiction book about a kid named Timmy Failure and all of his friends. Timmy and his pet polar bear own a detective agency called Failure, Inc.. Most of Timmy's adventures happen at his school or in his neighborhood. . In this book Timmy is trying to solve several cases: 1) Find Nunzio Bendici's Spooney Spoon, and; 2) Find his great-aunt's lovebird, Torpedo Bob, Timmy discovers that it is hard to be the CEO and head detective of the greatest detective agency in town, have a 1,500 pound polar bear as a pet, run away from Molly Moskins (she is in love with Timmy), and stay out of trouble at home and at school. Can Timmy keep it together and still be a successful business owner? Timmy Failure is a funny, realistic fiction book aboutthe life of Timmy Failure and his adventures. Timmy owns a detective agency called Failure, Inc., where hetries to solve funny problems. He uses his 1,500 poundpet polar bear, Total, and his best friend, Rollo, as assistants. In this book Timmy is trying to solve the disapperance of Nunzio Benedici's missing Spooney Spoon, and his great-aunt's missing bird, Torpedo Bob. Most of the adventure takes place in Timmy's school, or in his neighborhood. Can Timmy solve these problems, without creating more? And can he do it all while trying to stay away from Molly Moskins, who believes Timmy is her oneand only? *Rollo Tookus plays a major role in Timmy's life; he is his goofy, over weight best friend who helps out Timmy at Failure Inc., when he is not worrying about his grades. Featuring the voices of: Kevin James as Rollo Tookus Adam Sandler as Timmy Failure Drew Barrymore as Molly Moskins * Molly Moskins is a nerdy girl who has a huge crush onTimmy. She annoys Timmy because she is always getting in his way when he is trying to solve a problem. *Timmy Failure is the main character of the book. He is the owner and CEO of Failure Inc., a detective agencyHe hates school and tries his best to stay away from trouble,but it always seems to find him. Based on the book by: Stephan Pastis Theme - Perseverance "I have it under control, Mother. And you're coming very close to outright insulting me.""When you are lying in bed with a broken left leg, you can either cry or finish your memoirs. And Timmy Failure doesn't cry." "Failure doesn't mean you can't be great!"
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