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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 know each other,help, make projects,learn smth together(because no need to go far) they think more! Neighbours TIMELINE 2015 - 20.. (and have then possibilities not to get into stupidthings, навязанные кем-то) (осознанно и нет) Parallelinvasions of methodology (or critical thinking),future, global thinking and of course learningof past times, culture i don`t need to be "the most clever". I can develop together with them. but i should have time, free of many affairs mind to look more attentivelywhat i going on, how can i help Workshop Festivals and other holidays,workshopsperiodically common projects between diff.neighbours,territory developing together with admin-n and big business if they are opened to learn,are communicatingthey WILL know possibilities for autonomicindependentlife of families& after (and also with)going by this waythey start to develop nottechnique but biological abilities (once upon a time - life on another planets too) много же приезжих ужеи в моем районе. в многоэт-ках.Они знакомятсяс методологией, как это работает,для чего, к чему этоможет привести - и нек. из них решают сделать это НА РОДИНЕ,Едут и делают в малых городах без необходимости нашего приезда ! Обучение как строить сообщество и зачем - впереди построениясчастливой удобнойжизни в районе (оно и дольше) повысить значимость людей простых(пока не экспертов)быстрее (раньше)чем плотную сетку экспертов, к-е влияют.Но скорее за счет проникн-яЗНАНИЙ от экспертов к людям... people get a habit to observe smthin big speed, big amount of information,but this habit makes them... stupid. in a district Edem gardens (cities are like number of connecteddistricts with good ecology and biologicaland intellectual, creativepotential of people.With people who areautonomus,independent from goverment or money,respect each other,use resources in a smartway, without destroying, killing and loosing them(which means not less but more opportunity than now and is at all not the same as just economy)
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