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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1899 1842 1857 1850-1 864 1858 1885 1899-1 901 1839-1 842 Bing Crosby Treaty Of Nanjing Indian National Congress formed Sepoy Mutiny Taiping Rebellion Gov't of India Act Open Door Policy Boxer Relellion First Opium War *resources India/China Timeline 1940's - 2010 1918 1930 Salt March Amritsar Massacre The Chinese wanted British to stop selling opium in China. So they destroyed the opium. They deified Britain and helped gain some of their nationalism. tap and hold to change this header text! This was the treaty between China and Britain. This helped for a while until they broke the treaty. The open door policy was so that everyone could use China but not colonize it. This helped have other cultures in China. The boxer rebellion led to the uprising in northern China against the western and Japanese influence. This helped China gain independence. The Amritsar massacure was when Indians were having a meeting about the British rule and the British fired back with guns. This helps India by showing how bad Britain is. The Salt March was an act of civil disobedience by Gandhi. This help The Taiping Rebellion was a massive civil war against the Qing Dynasty. This helped China by saying that they don't like their ruler. The sepoy mutiny was a revolt against the British when they found d out the they were using animal fat in their bullets. The gov't of India act was an act of parliament of Britain. This helped them because this showed that they will fight for what is right. The Indian national congress was the most prominent Indian public influence and was defining influence of Indian independence movement
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