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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Central Time:Alabama Arkansas Florida *Iowa Illinois Indiana *Kansas *Kentucky *Louisiana Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi North Dakota *Nebraska *Oklahoma South Dakota * Tennessee *Texas Wisconsin What time is it at PCI? -- Central Time! Greetings From Kansas City, Mo! Eastern Time:Connecticut District of Columbia Delaware Florida *Georgia Indiana *Kentucky *Massachusetts Maryland Maine Michigan North Carolina New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee *Virginia Vermont West Virginia Mountain Time:Arizona Colorado Idaho *Kansas *Montana *North Dakota *Nebraska *New Mexico Oregon *South Dakota * Texas (El Paso)Utah Wyoming TIME NORTH CAMPUS For academic and attendance purposes, a week is defined as 12:00 a.m. Monday to 11:55 p.m., Sunday Central Time, with the exception of school breaks. Be Safe, Turn Things in Early! * Pacific Time:California Idaho *Nevada Oregon *Washington Alaskan Time:Alaska Hawaiian Time:Hawaii * State contains 2 time zones ONLINE CAMPUS SOUTH CAMPUS LAWRENCE, KS CAMPUS PCI 4 Campus Locations Central Time + 1 hr = Eastern TimeCentral Time - 1 hr = Mountain TimeCentral time - 2 hrs = Pacific TimeCentral Time - 3 hrs = Alaska TimeCentral Time - 4 hrs = Hawaii Time Assignments are due by 11:55pm Central Time When all else fails, Google search "What time is it in Kansas City, MO?" Check your classroom regularly for assignmentdue dates and announcements! Don't Wait Untilthe LAST MINUTE
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