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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TimeWarner TimeWarner is a multinational corporation which owns entertainment companies such as Warner Bros, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, HBO, Vertigo Magazine and Mad Magazine TimeWarner began in 1923 when Time Magazine was first introduced to the public, also the first Warner Bros. Movie 'The Jazz Singer' was released in 1927 TimeWarner is split into 3 different divisions; HBO, Turner Broadcasting & Warner Brothers. Each of these different divisions take care of specific companies within TimeWarner. HBO owns multiple TV channels such as 'HBO Originals' with their trademark shows, 'HBO Movies', & 'HBO GO' a mobile platform for television. Turner Broadcasting takes care of other TV channels such as 'Cartoon Network', 'CNN' & 'NBA TV'. Warner Bros. owns 'DC Comics', 'Vertigo Magazine'& 'MAD Magazine' as well as Warner Bros. movies. Although not as directly as other companies, TimeWarner does have an impact on developing nations especially in Asia where most of their supplementary goods are manufactured. Many other companies also try to make a quick buck by cashing in on recent WB movies and DC comics and producing T-shirts along with other knick knacks The pollution that is caused by the manufacture of these products is also extremely detrimental causing bad air and poor health around the facilities loss of culture and 'Americanization' is also an issue with all the new media being released in other countries. Although TimeWarner is not directly involved in polluting third world countries it still has an affect through licensing its products to other countries TimeWarner introduces new culture from America to other developing countries TimeWarner however, also takes away culture which other countries may already have and replace it with their own. Comics from DC and MAD tend to take over in other countries because they are more interested in these topics The culture in other countries tends to be more important to the elders of the society than to the youth as these traditions are seen to be boring and old. In conclusion, TimeWarner is a successful MNC in many countries around the world TimeWarner has many negative impacts like pollution and removal of culture but also many positive impacts like introduction of culture TimeWarner was created when Time Magazine and warner Bros. Pictures merged into one company Warner Bros.was a company which already owned DC Comics and MAD magazine as a rebranding of a pervious company Time Magazine was a respectable magazine company which actually moved apart after the merger As a new company new divisions were formed such as Time Warner cable which is also now sold off Although this may be true there is still a fair amount of balance in countries such as china where new cultures are emerging but old culture is still preserved as well whereas companies such as McDonalds use Guerilla tactics to infiltrate all countries around the world TimeWarner relies more on the popularity of it media for profit and spread As stated before timeWarner tends not to make their own products but to allow others to use their concepts Finally TimeWarner is a great MNC it has some impacts but these are weighed out by their attitude to business
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