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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tigers in Danger in Asia Present 1930's 100 years ago, over 100,000 wild tigers lived in the world.Now, less than 3,200 remain. 6 subspecies still exist,while 3 have gone extinct in the past 80 years. Bali subspecies (1930's) Why they're hunted to meet the demands of the illegalwildlife trade market.Tiger parts are consumed formedicinal purposes all over Asia.Their prey is over hunted, leavingthem with no choice but to eatlivestock, fueling human-tiger conflict. Extinct in 11 countriesNo longer live in 93% of theirhistoric range Increasing human pop. means theylive in closer proximity to tigersPersecuted when villagers retaliateto protect livestock Javan subspecies (1950's) 1950's That's 968 tigers dying every year. 1970's Siberian (Amur) Tiger 350-400 adults left1940's-over hunted for their skinsTiger parts- bones, skins, meat-fetch high price in illegal market Bengal Tiger lost 50% of their habitat from1997-20062,000 left-biggest pop of tigers Indo-Chinese(Corbett's) Tiger Named after Jim Corbett- hunterturned conservationist600-650 exist in the wildNo individual population surpasses250 tigers Malayan Tiger subspecies of Indo-Chinese500 leftNamed after Peter Jackson-conservationist and former Chairof the World Conservation UnionCat Specialist Group South China Tiger (critically endangered) Many believe the subspecies to be ecologically extinct (noeffective breeding pop. in the wild1940's- 4000 alive1970's- less than 100 leftNone have been seen in the wild in the last decade Sumatran Tiger (critically endangered) Sumatra is the only island in Indonesia wherewild tigers remain1998-2002 50 were killed annually76% killed for trade on the illegal wildlife market15% hunted due to human-tiger conflicts SO WHAT?? Javan subspecies (1970's) Before they were endangered 9 tiger subspecies100,000 alive Now 5 or 6 subspecies leftaround 3,200 alive
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