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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jurisdictions and Hierarchy of the State and Federal Courts StateSupreme Courts State TrialCourts District Courts Court ofInternational Trade Court ofMilitaryAppeals Supreme Court Types of Courts Court ofClaims Court ofAppeals Heads the judicial branch of the U.S government. Hears cases involvingthe constitution andfederal laws on appeal. Court ofAppeals The district courts havejurisdiction to hear federal,civil and criminal cases. Hears appeals fromdistrict courts and appealsfrom decisions of federaladministrative angencies. Hundreds of people areselected each day for jury duty and help todecide for some. Consists of correctingthe errors of the inferiorstate courts. It only hears appealson legal issues frominferior state courts. Conduct trials forcriminal and civil casesand hear bankruptcyproceedings. Hear cases that districtcourts have already triedbut whose ruling wasdisapproved. Exercises worldwidejurisdiction over membersof the armed forces onactive duty. Cases on this courtaddress a large rangeof legal issues. U.S District Courts Also issue arrestwarrants and searchwarrants. Has nationwide jurisdictionover civil actions issuingout of the customs andinternational trade laws. Before, monetary claimswere submitted throughpetitions to Congress. Hears monetary claimsagainst U.S government. Hears and decides casesfrom anywhere in the nationand is authorized to holdhearings in foreign countries.
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