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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 10 Common Household Hazards & Prevention 1. Throw rugs2. Clutter3. Steep/Long steps4. Poor lighting5.Pets6. Unstable chairs/ tables7. Extension cords8. Low toilet seat9. Sloping driveway10. Cracks in sidewalk 1. Throw rugs tend to move around and bunch up making it easy to trip over. Eliminate them. Reason & Prevention 2. Clutter comes from using things and not putting them away. It can get in the way of walkways and cause falls. To prevent, pick up things after you use it. 4. Poor lighting can make it hard to tell where things are in a room. Therefor, it can cause elders to run into things or trip. Make sure to always have proper lighting in a room and light bulbs that work. 3. Long steep steps are hard to reach down to with feet. Can be deceiving if you have poor vision. To prevent falls, install side rails on walls or make stair surfaces more padded/safe. 5. Pets tend to lay around the house in the middle of rooms or hallways. Keep pets in designated areas if you plan on walking around. 6. Unstable chairs will tip over easily or will break when weight is on it.Be sure to get rid of all not sturdy chairs and tables to be sure your house is safe to sit anywhere. 7. Extension cords are sometimes needed to be able to plug in something that is far from an outlet.However, cords across a room can be hard to see and easy to trip over.Keep cords close to the wall. 8. Low toilet seats make it harder to sit down and harder to stand back up. Legs can give out and cause a fall. Install bars on either side of seat. 9. Sloping driveways can make legs move faster than bodyshould go and cause falls. Be aware of this and have assistance walking or have wheelchair or walker. 10. Cracks in sidewalk can cause trips. Be aware of your surroundings. Go slowly. Have someone fill in cracks.
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