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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your Three-Month Longbow Trial: An Overview Once your three-month trial begins, youll be assigned an account team who will be with you through the duration of your trial (and beyond). Youll securely transfer (via FTP) your customer transaction data files. Your account team is here to help, should you need it. Youll work with your account team to set your goals and objectives. Youll pick up to three campaign types to execute. Weve got plenty of options Cross-sell, Retention, Reactivation, Up-sell, Product-Centric... Youll pick the campaign send schedule you want to follow. We suggest one campaign the first month, two campaigns the second month, and three campaigns the third month (but its up to you, really!). Now that weve got the what and the when figured out, youll go through an online, four session training program. a. Session 1: The Longbow 2.0 Overview b. Session 2: Campaign Building, Part 1 c. Session 3: Campaign Building, Part 2 d. Session 4: Advanced topics, as appropriate Next, the fun part! Youll work with your account team to build your campaigns in Longbow and send them. Once your campaign(s) have been sent, youll upload your customer transaction data files for analysis. This is done at the beginning of every month to monitor progress, and at the conclusion of your trial for a final evaluation (four data uploads total).
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