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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Positives Negatives vs Niamh Reidy 7.2 Humanities LANDSLIDES The Three Gorges dam has caused a riot. Many have benefited and many have not. What was the right thing to do? Build the Dam or leave the river to flow freely. The rising river level has increased the numbers and ferocity oflandslides and collapsing houses. So far there has been 91 places were the shore has collapsed, with a total of 36km of land caved in. Some of the landslides have triggered 50 meterhigh waves on the reservoir behind thedam. In the chance of landslides or dam collapse, the millions of people that live down stream are in danger. ANIMALS Many animals have been affectedby the construction of the dam. 300 species of fish have beenunable to travel upstream to spawnas the dam is blocking their path, causing the numbers of fishdrop. A total of 47 rare or endangered species in the Three Gorges Damthat are protected by the law, could be in danger. Chinese river dolphins, Chinese sturgeon, Chinese Tiger,Chinese Alligator, Siberian Crane andmany other animals are affected badly by the Dam. WATER POLLUTION Water pollution has become a really big problem. Approximately10 million tons of plastic bags, bottles, animals corpses, treesand other waste has been blocked by the dam, which would have otherwise gone out to sea. It was originally estimated that building the Three Gorges Dam would cost around 6 billion dollars. It actually ended up costing them a whopping 37 billion dollars! HYDRO ELECTRICITY Hydro Electricity is something Chinsdefiantly needs. Chinas growing electricity need has been fulfilled by coal, causing seriousair pollution. Hydro electricity is a clean way to produceelectricity. The hydro Electricity that is produced by the Three Gorges Dam powers over one third of China. LIVES SAVED Building the Dam has stopped the river from flooding, meaning the people that livearound it have been saved from floods. Flooding of the Yangtze River has killed millions ofpeople. Saving lives is obliviously a very big positive,infact the Dam was mainly built to stop flooding. TOURISM The Three Gorges Dam has becomea bid tourist attraction. The first four months of this year, the damreceived 220, 000 travellers. Due to the rise of the water level, many scenic spots which were originally hard to get to are now reachable.
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