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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three Day Road Xavier Bird Over the course of the novel, Xavier undergoes an intense physical change. He loses a great deal of weight as well as suffering severe injuries, such asan amputated leg and a bullet wound to the arm. These injuries would causeXavier to become a morphine addict, dependent on the drug. PHYSICAL The most drastic change in Xavier's character was the toll the war hadtaken mentally. The cruelty and harsh "kill or be killed" attitude causedXavier to become unaffected by the killing all around him, hardened bythe war. For example, the first time Xavier saw Elijah claim a kill, hevomited in disgust. Further on in the novel however, he racked up killshimself, even having to take the life of his best friend. Sean Bergman MENTAL "A young man with startling green eyes runs at me,his rifle pointed, his small frame almost like a child'sin his oversize coat. I sidestep the rifle and let themomentum of the German's charge carry him ontomy Mauser's bayonet. The boy's eyes go wide and Ifeel the knife's length cut into his body." (220) In this quote, Xavier describes killinga German soldier, most likely a mereteenager, in callous detail. Thisacclimatization to violence is quite acontrast to previously in the novel,when Xavier convulsed at the sight ofa kill. Throughout the story, Xavier is emotionally devastated not only bythe war, but also by several other distressing occurrences. He isforced to observe the deteriorating mental state of his best and onlyfriend, Elijah, who begins collecting the scalps of his enemies asprizes. As well, he hears news that his aunt Niska, his sole livingrelative, is dead. Such dismal conditions cause Xavier to becomehollow and despondent. EMOTIONAL
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