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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three Day Road Xavier eventually has a Morphine addiction, which his Aunt notices right away; even though he doesnt say anything to her until very late in the book. Niska, Xaviers Aunt, is a kind woman who tries to help her nephew through his depression and PTSD. My personal opinion is that Xavier and are very much alike in some ways, and yet extremely different in others. We both know how to stay alive in the wild, how to hunt and live off of the land, and we both are willing to do anything for the ones that we love. However, when Xavier becomes addicted to the morphine, that is where we start being different. I am not the type of person that is willing to become addicted to any sort of drug. My drugs of choice are adrenaline and love, and that is all that I need. Throughout the book, we see that Xavier is being affected by the war more and more as time passes on. The book takes up through his memories of war; about how he starts out sticking to his roots around his companions. However later on he begins conforming to the ways of everyone else. He eventually kills his best friend, in the belief that he is a Windigo. So in a way, he sticks to his roots throughout the book. Quote Analysis In the story Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, Xavier starts out as a young boy who is hunting with his friend in the woods. At this point, he is an innocent. He is just trying to follow in his Aunts footsteps to become a better man and a Windigo killer. Elijah, Xaviers best friend, stays with Xavier throughout the entire book until the end. double click to change this header text! Xavier I clutch my hand to my chest. McCaan takes my hand into his own and looks at it for a moment. No blighty for you one your first night out, he says. youre just hit by a clump of mud knocked up from a bullet…” Page 31 This quote shows just how unexpected war is. Xavier thought that he had been hit by a bullet, however he had actually only been hit by mud that had been thrown up from a bullet that hit the ground near him. It shows that no matter what has happened in the past, you can never truly anticipate the future. One day it could be mud hitting your hand, and the next it could be a bullet hitting your head.
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