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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Legislative Branch Executive Branch Executive has the power toapprove or veto laws madeby the Judicial Branch - Approves state's budget-Initiates tax legislation- prevents any branch from abusing its power-Debate new/current laws -99 members in the house of representitives -33 senate members Chief Maureen O'Connor Ohio's Government -Governors serve four years -Veto state bills-Secretary of stat serve four years -Most power held by govoner -Govoner can serve two consectutive terms -Justices serve for life-Declare laws unconditional-Settle disputes involving already tried cases-Hold trials-Seven justices-Four female justices Judicial Branch Has the power to impeachthe president Legislative propose laws and taxes that get sent to the Judicial Branch Chief Justice Keith FaberSenate President Clifford RosenbergerSpeaker of The House John R. KasichState Governor Constitutional Principles Ohio's Example United StatesExample PopularSovereignty Separation ofPowers LimitedGovernment Legisitative branch is broken into two houses Governor Kasich cannot run in the next election, because he already served2 consecutive terms Lets states decide marrige laws likegay marrige Judicial Branch, ExecutiveBranch, and Legislative Branch Ohio Supreme Court Ohio's State House People have the right to talk about their opinions Legislative Branch:Run By: House of Representatives and SenateJudicial Branch:Run By: Supreme Court and Federal District CourtsExecutive Branch:Run By: Governor and Secretary of state Ohio Statehouse General Assembly Supreme Court How does Ohios government balance my personal freedoms with order in our community? Ohios government balances my personal freedoms with order in our community in several important ways. There are three branches of government in the constitution, and there are checks and balances to make sure that each branch stays within its power's limits and does not override the other branches. Also, balances exist to make sure that the power between each branch remains stabie throughout all three branches. There are checks and balances so no branch can overrun another branch, and so they work together as one government, but three separate branches. Ohio also has a Bill of Rights which protects my freedoms and rights as a citizen of Ohio. The Bill of Rights is a bill which explains and protects citizens' rights. The Bill of Rights also states what citizens can and cannot do according to the laws in this country. It keeps an equilibrium between order and chaos in this state. Everyone has rights that come with responsibilities, which helps to maintain an equilibrium for Ohio between order and chaos. Shooting of Michael Brown Metaphor Ohio's Government is like a s'more. S'mores have three ingredients which work together to make the perfect taste of a s'more. Similarly, Ohio's Government has three branches.The three branches work together to create our government at its finest.
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