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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pride Okonkwo Things Fall Apart Fear Rashness Violence Rashness made him act out, or lash out, unexpectedly. He often did things rashly,like when he beats his youngest wife, Ojiugo.Also at the end of the novel he also murdersa messenger from the missionaries which.Both of these actions result in Okonkwoneeding to flee. Okonkwo's pride was perhaps theinstigator that sparked the rest of his actionsand character ablaze. Without his pride therewould be no need to prove himself or hisphysical capability (strength) to anyone, and he certainly would not be so against the missionarieschanging the tribe. Without his pride Okonkwomay have even lived through the ending of thenovel. For it was pride that brought him to killhimself out of fear that his own people woulddisgrace him. Violence is a big part of Okonkwo's character.Inches mind, violence is a form of strength. He finds strength in beating others down andconquering his enemies with his physical health and build. He often beat his wives and his sonNwoye. His violence is what, ultimately, causedhis demise. Karma balanced his life and death, his own violence caused many sorrows to the village, so he was killed by his own violent hands. Okonkwo had an unrelenting fear ofbecoming like his father. He put all ofhis being into doing everything opp-osite of his father. He saw his father as lazyand cowardly, so he tried to be hard-working (perhaps a little too much) and fearless. However, he was so consumed innot being afraid that it became a fear in itself. Okonkwo was also very consumed inthe appearance of his strength.He often made decisions out of the idea that he would be thoughtof as a strong leader. Most of these decisionswere violent as he perceived a direct link fromviolence to strength. He even goes as far askilling Ikemefuna in fear that the other men of the tribe thinking he was weak if he did not. Strength Main character and protagonist/tragichero of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Amy GonzalezMs. VillelaAP Literature12 December 2014
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