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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 3 Wars of Independence June 17,1775 August 27,1776 September 11,1777 The battles of--Bunker Hill-Long Island -Brandywine Creek Leaders Bunker hill- Patriots-William Prescott, and Israel PutnamBunker Hill -British-General John Pitcairn, General William HoweLong Island-patriots: George Washington(later), Charles LeeBritish: General William Howe, Richard HoweBrandywine Creek-patriots:George WashingtonBritish:General William Howe Casualties Brandywine Creek-Patriots:1,300-1,900British:600-1,200(closer to 600)Long Island-Patriots:2,000British:400Bunker Hill-Patriots:441British:1150 When and where taken place Brandywine Creek -September 11, 1777. Chadds Ford, PALong Island -August 27,1776. Near New York CityBunker Hill -June17,1775. Breads Hill Near Boston Massachusetts British advantages Bunker Hill -large fighting force -more supplies -superior navyLong Island -strong navy -large fighting forceBrandywine Creek -superior navy - large professional fighting force Outcomes Bunker Hill -British victory -British control NYC - British gain control of Boston Long Island -British victory -British control NYC -patriots retreat to PABrandywine Creek - British victory -Britain control Philadelphia By: Josh Etter
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