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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -The publicly elected chamber -Members debate political issues of the day and proposals for newlaws. Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources The hierarchyof the United Kingdom is composed of three main powers The Unitary Government of the United Kingdom Martín EndaraManuela JaramilloBlock 3January 2015 1. Monarch 2. Prime Minister 3. Parliament The monarch: -The power hasbeen transferred to the ministers. -Follows ministerialadvice.-Summons anddissolves parliament -Appoints importantoffice holders Prime Minister The Parliament -Head of the UK government -Comes from support of the House of Commons -Power to appoint and dismiss ministers. -Sits in the Commons.-Advices appointments to the Queen -Pass laws, to finance through taxation, thework of government and to debate majorissues of the day. Functions -Constituencies become vacant-Member of Parliament is elected for each from a list -every five years. During Elections -Chosen by the Prime Minister -Responsible for the actions, successes and failures of their departments. Ministers -House of Lords-House of Commons House of Lords House of Commons -Making laws-Consideration of public policy-Holding government to account. -Publicly elected -Members debate political issues of the day and proposals for new laws. Local Governments Raise taxes, create statutes, administrate grants from central government, represent interests of local and central governments. They differ throughout the UK County District Parish
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