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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Roaring 20's . By: Alexis O'Hora May 31, 1921 September 21,1922 August 2, 1923 May 19, 1921 May 5, 1925 May 21, 1927 November 6, 1928 October 1929 Sacco-Vanzetti trial beings. Two immigrants named Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti werefalsely charged of the murderof 2 men during and armed robbery ina shoe factory in Braintree, Massachusetts. Fordney-McCumber tariff is passed by congress.This tariff raises American tariffs on many importedgoods in order to protectfactories and farms. President G. Hardingdies. Harding was at a hotel in San Franciscowhen he had a stroke that ended his life. Vice President Calvin Coolidgetakes over and becomespresident. Charles Lindbergh starts his flight in New York and 33 hours later lands in Paris. Lindbergh becomesthe first to completethe solo transatlanticflight. Lindbergh also becomes known as a hero. President Hoover, Republican,is nominated as president of the United States. Hooverends up winning voteto Al Smith, Democrat, by a vast majority. Larger stock markets were realizing that the stocks were inflated in price. Therefore, they stopped purchasing from the market, causing a dramatic decline in value for the stock market. Investors who purchased stock on credit were becoming financially destroyed.The Stock Market Crash was thebeginning of the GreatDepression. On May 19, 1921, Congresspasses immigration restrictions.This Quota limited the numberof immigrants that may enterthe United States each year. It was aimed for unwantedimmigrants from southern and eastern Europe. John Scopes, a Tennessee school teacher, is arrested for teaching evolution. Scopes violated the newstate law prohibiting the teaching of Darwin. He is found guilty of his"crime".
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