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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Therapeutic Services Pathway Career Outlook High School Diploma Associate's Degree Master's Degree PhD Physical therapist assistant: Physical therapist assistants implement treatment programs designed by physical therapists to restore or improve patients' physical mobility and strength and relieve their pain, usually need a license. Earn $37,280 per year Physical therapist, Physical therapists design treatment programs to help people who have physical disabilities. Physical disabilities occur when nerves, muscles, bones, or joints are damaged. The goal of the physical therapist is to help people become as independent as possible in their physical activities. Need a license. Earn $58,700 per year. . Anesthesiologist, are licensed physicians who administer substances to manage patients' pain before and during surgical procedures. Medical license Earn on average over 300k a year Primary health care providers who work under supervision of doctors, they handle common problems and educate patients, allowing doctors to concentrate on the more difficult cases. Training usually lasts 2-4 years after bachelors degree. Physician's Assistant (PA) Future of the Therapeutic Pathway Based on an aging population, increased use of technology, and a retiring workforce, the demand for health care workers will remain high through 2020. As the role of Therapeutic careers changes, professionals in this pathway will find increased opportunities to work independently. Additionally, an increasing number of career opportunities are becoming available outside of the traditional hospital setting. Home health aide, on the job training, need to pass state certification exam and licensure. They health people with disabilities and daily living activities. Earn $18,200 per year
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