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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tragedy of the Sheep's Some limiting factors would be sheep's not having enough space.Every time the farmer adds sheep'sthey don't have enough space or food. It all leads to sheep's not having enough food because they are overpopulating sheep's,and since there is no green grass there is only grazed grass and the sheep'scan start dieing. The Progressive Movement Tillman argued that disenfranchising the Africans was an act in progress because they were unable to make intelligent political decisions. The woman's suffarage movement was the struggle for the right of African women to vote and run for office. It is also part of the women's rights The temperance movement was a social movement to try to ban alcohol. Many people believed that alcohol was the leading cause of divorces. People say that alcohol was the cause of insanity, poverty, and many of the worlds evils so they wanted to get rid of it. During the progressive movement only 1/3 of South Carolinas children attended school. Those that did attend school only went for 4 months out of the year. Education reforms were created. They established a compulsory attendance law, which increased funding and the establishment of an adult school program offered by the state. However, most of the reforms were left to the local community. A new supply of ready raw materials led to the growth of the textile industry. The growing textile industry made more cotton into cloth in the upcountry of South Carolina. New entrepreneurial leadership became the main idea of the industrialized new south. Local investors provided most of the textile mills, which were located along the cotton fields and rivers. A ready supply of raw materials is what led to the growth of the textile industry. They were focused on making cotton into cloth in the upcountry of South Carolina. Local investors provided most of the buildings to be used as textile mills located close to cotton fields and along rivers.
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