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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Power and Consequence of Change Group 1 ~The Big Bang~Cosmic Burst~Created space, time, and matter 10 to 15 billion years ago 5.0 billion years ago ~The atmosphere Formed~Is a mix of 10 gases~Surrounds the Earth~4 Layers 4.6 billion years ago ~The Earth formed~Water was red then~The third planet from the sun 4.57 billion years ago ~The solar system formed~Has the sun~Planets orbit the sun 4.53 billion years ago 4.1 - 3.8 billion years ago 4 billion years ago 3.5 billion years ago ~The moon formed ~Earth's satellite~5th largest moon~Came from Earth~Consequence of asteroid ~The late heavy bombardment~Comets and asteroids~Evidence: craters ~Rocks form~Rocks have many layers~Formed as byproduct of microbial life ~Earth's crust and ocean~Cooling of earth caused crust to form~Condensation in the atmosphere formed the oceans Credits Source(s): The big bang ~ ~ ~ System ~ ~'s_concept_of_collision_at_HD_172555.jpgHeavy Bombardment ~'s crust and oceans ~ formations ~ milky way ~
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