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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES THEORETICAL PHYSICIST Education Required First an undergraduate degreeor a masters degreein physics/math must be achieved. Afterwards,research in the field is recommended. It givesyou an idea of you willactually be doing. After this, the next goalis advanced studies.In order to get into a doctorate, additionaltests such as the physicsGRE may be neccessary. Finally, research or a fellowship after university is highly recommended.This is because it allows you to becomefully immersed into your field andhave experience before you enter theworkforce. Employers value this very highly Salary The very low end of the salary rangeis $60, 000. But a successful Theoretical Physicist can achieve upto $190, 000. This not only requiresexperience, but passion and determination towards your work. Description double click to change this header text! A theoretical physicist uses mathematics to theorizefor the solution to everyday phenomenonThe concept of a theoretical physicist was around An example of an early theoretical physicist is Sir Isaac Newton Early in his time, mathematical problems were tackled with geometry and algebra. But that was useless with objects in changing motion. To solve this he pushed the boundaries of mathematics and created his own, calculus, to facilitate the needs of physics at the time.As Newton did in his time, current theoretical physicists are pushing the boundaries of science and math to truly understandhow everything works. Society Theoretical physicists are probably themost influential people to the advancementof man kind in the world. Not only do they spend countless amounts of time learningand getting an education, but also spend theirwhole lives understanding how the universewe live in works.
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