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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme: Sometimes you have to chose your greatest battles. America Singer wanted Maxton but when he finds her with Aspen everything gets thrown off whack,so she finds her self in need of choosing her greater love. objective summery Plot Charactors America is a poor musician that is chosen for the selection where 35 girls go to the palace. There the prince will choose his Princess. She really wants Maxon but Aspen is still like a sticky note hanging on by the thin layer of sticking the back of her mind. She is the antagonist Maxon is the prince of Illea. He is currently in the middle of the selection he wants America but dosent know if he can trust her. Plus his dad hates her. This book takes place in Illea. Which is United States after China took over it. America is at the palace in Illea and that's were the selection is held. Setting: THE ONE by Kiera Cass Aspen longs for America to be his bride and when she goes to the selection he realizes her love for him willl be a harder fight then he thought. But now theres a maid named Lucy in the palace. She is pretty fine her self. They end up taking a liking to each other. :) He is the antagonist. America decides Maxon is the man she wants. So she dresses way too fancy for dinner and signals for Maxon to come to her room that night. But that night when he comes to her room her laughs at her and tells her he's always wondered what she would look like when she actually tried. Later Maxon gives america a precious gift. She wants him to tell her he loves her but he wants her to do it first. Also lady America has to do a Convicting. She had to put a man in jail. King Clarkson gives her the hardest one but she gets away with helping him.Lastly America and Maxon get married! By: Kacey Katelin Soderquist 6th hour
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