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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE MAZE RUNNER DOG Thomas, the protagonist,only makes it out of the maze because everyonecame together as acommunity to keep himalive. Because of this,he was able to helpthem escape the maze. James Dashner Inside the Glade, theGladers were forced towork together to keepeach other alive. In anybody didn't contribute,they would drageveryone else down. The Gladers wanted toescape the maze, butthe creators kept putting in "variables",so they worked togetherto overcome themand escape. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Teamwork can overcome any obstacle. Beginning: Thomas arrives in the Glade remembering nothing about himself or hislife, but everything about the world. He is told that he is in the Glade, and is shown the jobs. Thomas immediately takes interest in becoming a Runner. He soon learnsthat outside the Glade is a giant Maze.Middle: Another person arrives in the Box the next day. She is carrying a notethat says she will be the last person to come to the Glade. She is stuck in a coma. After this, the leader of the Runners, Minho, returns claiming to have found a dead Griever, creatures that roam the Maze during the night. He andthe leader of the Glade, Alby, set out to go retrieve it the next morning. However,by nightfall the next day they have not returned and the doors to the Maze areclosing, and no one has ever survived a night in the maze. Thomas spots themheading down, but Alby is unconscious, and they won't make it in time. Heheads out into the Maze to help, but they don't make it back in time. Aftersplitting up and outrunning Grievers, they all make the night, and help toheal Alby before it's too late. When they return, the girl telepathicallyspeaks to Thomas, ad tells him her name is Theresa, and that she has triggeredthe Ending. She soon wakes up and befriends Thomas. The sky turns grey, likethe lights were turned off, and at night the doors don't ever close again. theyare attacked every night, but they only take one a day.End: When Grievers sting people they are given an antidote, and they rememberthings about the Creators and their life before. Thomas gets himself stung andcured. He realized he and Theresa helped create the Maze, and also rememberthe way out is off a mysterious cliff into an invisible hole, where they type in a code.The Runners have been making maps on the Maze for years. they discoverwhen they put them together it makes a code. The next night, most of the Gladersgo to the cliff and fight off Grievers while Thomas and Theresa punch the code intothe computer. When they do this, all the Grievers deactivate and a door opens.They enter in to find a group of scientists waiting for them. They inform them they are the creators. A group of people storm in and shoot the creators, andlead the 21 remaining kids to a bus. They start driving and are informed thatbillions have died from solar flares and a plague called the Flare, and the Creators were using them to find a cure. In the end it is revealed they are notreally safe, but heading to another trial, and their rescuers are not who theyseemed to be. AUTHOR CHARACTERS SETTING OBJECTIVESUMMARY PLOT
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