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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 American Expansionism Completion of railroad acted as a source of transportation for westernexpansionism & settlement Gold was discoveredin Coloma,California. Not long,word spread aboutthe gold. People from all over cameto California tohunt for this treasure When gold was discovered many people migrated overwest in hopes to become wealthy.These people were known as "forty-niners" Racial Supremacy of Americans helpedAmerican Expansionismby a combination of war andtreaties. America's God given right to expand land from Atlantic to Pacific.Wanted to expand America's freedom,democracy, and culture. Resources: Racial Supremacy: But during 1846-1848 The Mexican-American War limited America from conqueringthe South & Mexcio American Expansionism Racial Superiorityhelped in conqueringnative areas inAmerica. Gold & SilverThe California Gold Rush Trans-Continental Railroad "the Great Leap Westward" In 1848 Soon approximately 90,000 people migrated toCalifornia. There was an increase in populationwhich contributed to western expansion. Homestead Act of 1862 Adult citizens can qualify for 160 acres freeif they payed an initial fee and lived on the land for five years. This encouraged many to move west, especially farmers. Religion: John L. O'Sullivan Journalist who came up with the phrase,"Manifest Destiny." Thought America was specialand that an angel was watchingover America and its citizens Being able to go westand conquering Native Americanterritory has developed racialsuperiority.Their resources such asbuffalo were hunted to drive outthe tribes.Therefore many of their traditions and customswere lost. It is America's destiny to expandwestward. It is inevitable and a part of God's plan for America It is America's destiny to expandwestward. It is inevitable and a part of God's plan for America
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