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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The theme was to never give up in what you believe in just like Thomas has done. He believed in becoming a runner and never gave up to become one. Theme Main Character Star Rating I will give it 5 Stars It made me read more and never stop. Somethingthat doesn't happen in real life,I think that's fun. Findinga book with unrealistic topics and sci-fi it's wonderful 3. A girl is sent to the glade for a warning that she has triggered something out of the maze.4. Thomas admits he's the one who made this maze they are trapped in. Plot Line The Maze Runner AR Question Thomas was brave and bold and the job that they gave him in the book was to kill pigs and then after pick up plants from the garden Main Conflict was that everything in the gladewas shutting down and the wall into the maze didn't close for the nightthe boys couldn't trust Thomas anymore because his girl Theresa admitted that she was the one who triggered all of this What encouraged Thomas to become aRunner since Day onewhen he arrived?The answer is letter C. a. He was curiouswhat was out therewhen he arrivedb. He believed inhimself in not stopping to ask tobe one. c. He felt like it was his destiny to become a runner so he can be the one to free them all.d. It's all above. 1. Thomas found out that there's a maze out there the first day he arrived. He was curious of what was out there.2. Thomas becomes a Runner because of Minho his dream came true He was brave enough to go into the maze to rescue Minho and Alby and after he rescued them, they wanted to punish him after breaking the rules. He obeyed and accepted the punishment. He never stopped trying in doing anything else. 5. Thomas and others solve a code and then finds a way out of the maze James DashnerScience Fiction
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