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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Then solar panels will help you achieve that good feeling inside. decision tree The These days, it is often difficult to construct the right sales arguments for the right hotel. This infrographic tries to soften the pain by explaining the key componentsthat can be used in order to confront the hotel client comfortably. Hotel Let's start with heating and cooling. Small to medium size hotel From 0 to 120 m height Medium to large size hotel From 0 m to infinity ~ 300 kW Less than 1000 m piping lengthDecentralized and unstable demand (e.g. resort) ~ 500 kW and up Centralized and stable demand (e.g. city hotel) Applied Easier to install and maintain(due to less components) Better for large air volumes (e.g. hall)and complex air streams Air flow up to 150 kW(small areas) What keeps a hotel owner awake at night? For hotels How can help? Do you have a ... More efficient, especially in partial load What about controls? Did you know that VRV indoor units are the most silent on the market? Only 19 dB! Did you know that Applied is very attractive forhigh skilled technical consultantswho want a challenge? Fact! For sellers "Applied is easier for renovation because you don't need to close down the whole hotel." Wrong!VRV renovation is per outdoor unit and can thus be done in parts. In practice, the hotel renovates the whole building at once (ceiling, wall, carpet, etc.), making the close-down of the hotel already obligatory. Controls are more sophisticated (e.g. more sensors, in and output parameters, etc.) for VRV. Controls for Applied are better connectible with 3th party controls. Loses efficiency due to exchange refrigerant/water Cost reductionPerfect comfort, temperature and humidity in the buildingLow acoustics for roomsQuality and reliable HVAC productsGood working after-sales serviceElegant design and technological innovationFull and easy control of HVAC unitsCorrectly and professionally installed equipmentCompliant with local legislationHygiene and safetySustainability with a green flavourCounting money Faster response time (request delivery) No limitations on piping lengthand building height Up to 120 m building heightand 1.000 m piping length Keep in mind! Investment costs for VRV are higher than Applied, gives in return more and better specifications. So lets say we want the same specifications for both products,how much do we pay?* BUT Applied VRV VRV is cheaper this way. (that is nice) *But if you have a hotel with a low investment budget, applied can do the trick. Pssstt Looking for free heat and refrigeration? Refrigeration below is your place How about hot water? Therefore, for safety and hygienic reasons water should be at 60°C constantly Easy job for VRV and Applied (incredible) we propose Legionella Pneumophilia can be present in domestic hot water systems, causing headache, vomiting, muscle pain, chills and fever for the people that ingest it. VRV In the end, hotels want to improve their main performance indicators* You need 80°C? Also possible for VRV and Applied* Do you try to achieve your certificate? Do you want to minimize even more your energy consumption?Or just crazy about trees? For everybody RevPAR Occupancy ADR *More information? Google is your best friend on the cake, refrigeration And the The Zeas refrigeration units are better to dehumidify very humid areas than VRV or Applied.The message? Don't be afraid to use refrigeration for swimming areas. Fact! You got cooling rooms, freezers, bars, buffet tables, garbage rooms or ice rinks?Than you should probably get a Zeas. Bummer.. VS. And where does the Altherma Flex come into the picture? 1) The Altherma Flex can provide that extra heat when VRV will be not enough. Myth! 2) No cooling needed for hotel, but still heating and hot water? Than the Altherma Flex is the perfect solution Don't forget about the thermal stores that have outstanding water-hygiene characteristics. *Applied needs an extra gas boiler for this A picture of a Zeas for stylistic reasons. (Could have been a picture of VRV to be honest) - Same refrigerant as VRV, which means low total maintenance costs Why Zeas? - 80% of spare parts are similar to VRV, meaning fast service - Same point of contact as VRV - 3 years warranty (competitors only offer 1 year) But you came here for heat? Let me introduce you - Incredible good after-sales service, so don't worry about spoiled food To end... Daikin is the only one in the market that can offer the total solution. This presentation is sponsored by Mitsubishi Principle of Conveni-Pack:Energy extracted from cooling rooms is used to heat up other rooms. Spoiler: the energy can only be used for large rooms (it has not the same comfort as VRV) Basically...Free Heat! Connectivity to Biddle Air curtain,Hydrobox, etc. Applied is the most popular in the Middle-East. Why? 1) The region is very US-minded, and the US is Chiller-minded.2) Height of the buildings is 1 challenge too much for VRV. 5) We let you achieve the lowest energy consumption, leading to minimum costs in the long run. 1) We offer you the complete HVAC package (DX and Applied), with only a single point of contact. 2) We have the largest after-sales network, 24/7 available and immediately to your service. 3) We have the most silent indoor products on the market, unnoticeable for your guests. 4) We have the most in-house accredited professionals to help you achieve your BREEAM certificate. Easier to install with 3th-party units Not possible to connect with DX based products. Did you know that we also offer commercial gas boilers? We can go from 0 to 2.160 kW. So if you cannot fulfill the need with VRV, Altherma or Applied, offer a gas boiler.
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