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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The movie The Help is different to the book To Kill A Mockingbird in many ways but there are also tons of similarities between them The Help and To Kill A Mockingbird The Help To Kill A Mockingbird There was a ton of racism that was shown throughout the movie. Examples of racism in the movie were colored maids were not able to go and use the same bathroomthat there white bosses went to and used. They were also not able to talk to any white person unless spoken to and they were paid very meager wages. There was even more racism inthis book. Many black people were looked down upon and manylynch mobs occurred. (lynch mobs are unauthorized hangings of blackpeople). They werent able to functionlike normal human beings. There are also many characters that are alikethe character of Hilly.She despises all black people and white peoplethat don't believe inwhat she believes in. She thinks that all blackpeople should be segregated at all times. She is similar to theCharacter of BobEwell. A character that is similar to Hilly from the helpis Mr. Bob Ewell. He is a terrible man who hatescolored people with a passion. He tried and succeeded in killing a black man named Tom Robinson because he said he raped his daughtereven though its Bob himself who hits and rapeshis own daughter. The lesson is very similarwith the book as well. Itgives all the examples of how oppressed blackpeople were in those daysthat they were basically stillslaves. They were even paid less than white people andmostly all the black women are maids. They aren't even aloud to speak unless spokento. Many were at the mercyof there bosses. The lesson is similar to the movie because this bookshowed the oppression that was still on black peopleeven after the abolition of slavery. A lot of black menwere killed randomly and for no legitimate reason. If any black man was arrested even for the smallestcrimes they usually were sentenced to death. Many didn't have high paying jobs or a job at all. They werelooked down upon in society. CJ Zimmerman pd. 1 1/16/15
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