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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Dam Issue What is your stand on the dam::Will the town take down the dam? The town will have to make a decision to relicense or remove the Kesslen dam in 7 years. The town has many issues to consider such as property value and what the river will look like when they tear the dam down. But if they take down the dam the fish population would probably triple like it did in the Penobscot River. I personally think they should remove the dam because the benefits definitely out way the cons. Taking down the dams would help the fish go up and down stream when they used to not be able to with the dam. 2)Healthier Ecosystem 1)Improved Recreational Use 3)Increase Native Fish Population -At the Penobscot River the recreation around the River increased a lot when they removed the dam. -If they take down the dam the fish population would probably triple because when they took down the Penobscot River dam the fish population went from 188,000 to 590,000 fish almost triple the population than the year before. -If they remove the KLPDs dams it will restore more than 9 miles of the mainstem Mousam and another 6 miles of high-quality tributary habitat. -This will greatly benefit the rivers three species of river herring and will also restore a vast amount of habitat for brook trout that is currently unsuitable. -You would be able to canoe or kayak all the way out to the ocean. -Also if they keep the dam the water flow slows down and gets warmer, and fish need a cool and clean stream to stay healthy. -This is a quote from the Kennebunk River Allliance Its notable that the Mousam River has a number of dams and yet no fish passage on any of them. That ranks pretty high in the state of Maine as far as the oddity of that, Mere said. Some people who support keeping the dam say the fish and wildlife are fine and have been under these conditions for 200 years. I argue that the fish aren't ok because when they have the dams invasive species can take over much easier making it harder for native fish to live and thrive in the environment. Also the money involved in relicensing the dam is way more than it costs to remove the dam. If they were to remove the dam it would cost 4.4 million and if you would relicense it would cost from 8.8 million to 11.7 million.
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