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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Boy Who Dared by: Susan Campbell Chief Justice Fikeis takes out the pamphlets and fliers and clears the courtroom to protect the spectators for the enemy propaganda. The sight of the pamphlets and fliers enrages the judge. "Why did you write these?" he barks at Helmuth,"To let people know the truth," answers Helmuth in a loud, clear, voice. The other justices fall deathly silent. He can feel Karl, Rudi, and Duwer stiffen next to him.But Helmuth knows what he is doing. There's no other way. "Do you really believe that the British are telling the truth?" says Fikeis."Absolutely. Don't you?"Fikeis's face grow purple with rage. "Do you doubt Germany's ultimate victory?""Do you actually believe that Germany can win the war?"Justice Fikeis is screaming now. "Are you suggesting that your leaders are lying?" Helmuth takes a deep breath, and in the most contemptible manner he can muster, says, "Jawohl, ihrlugt." Yes you are all liars! Pandemonium breaks out among the justices. Hemulth's attorney snaps back, scowls Helmuth as if to say, Are you crazy?Helmuth's insolence launches Justice Fikeis to his feet. He leans over the bench, purple with rage. "You snot-nosed kid, what do you know about war?You are scum! A traitor!" (pg. 160-161) When Hitler came into power, Germany was thrilled. Families were listening to the radio as Hitler gave his first speech as Germany's leader. Jews could no longer go in German shops. Jews being taken from their homes. Helmuth and friends in the courtroom over breaking the law. Helmuth is sentenced to death for speaking out the truth. Helmuth takes a stand against Hitler and speaks out the truth. Helmuth was remembered as a young man whowasn't afraid to speak the truth which changed our society today. "The worst experience can bring out a persons' greatest strength."
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