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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Federalists Vs. Democratic - Republicans: The Views That Shaped Our Nation The Federalists viewed the Constitution on the ground that it should be perceived in a way relatingto the current time period. The Federalists leaned moretowards a central government.The wanted it to have most ofthe power and be able tomake important decisions forthe nation as a whole. The Federalists were infavor of the Jay treaty. Theybelieved that restoring connections with Britain wasa positive decision. The modern Republicans, seemto be similar to the Federalists.They share a lot in commonwith the Democratic Republicans,However, they seem to view certain ideas about the nationin the same way, as the Federalists. The Democrat's beliefs seem to becloser to those of the DemocraticRepublicans. However,made moreobvious by the name, both originalparties, seem to share an equal amountof aspects with the Democratic Republicans. Democratic Republicansviewed the Constitution as though it should beperceived exactly as it had been written. They wouldonly do something the waythe Constitution ordered it. The Democratic Republicanswanted government to bemore so state oriented. Theywanted states to be ableto make decisions more asindividuals, rather than having decisions made forthem by a national government. The Democratic Republicansdisagreed with the Federalists.They believed that the Americansshould support the French in theirrevolution. The Democratic Republicansdid not agree with the ideaof the Jay Treaty. They thoughtthey should have stronger connections with Francerather than Britain. The Federalists were against the French revolution. Theydidn't agree with Americanscontribution to RevolutionaryForces in France. The Federalist views focused more on the nation itself, and bettering it. They gave less concern to problems relating to other causes in the world. They wanted a powerful national government to make decisions for the country, and disagreed they many Democratic Republicans choices to aid the French in their revolution. The Democratic Republicans were concerned with the country, but also believed that the new nation of the United States should make a world impact. When the French needed the Democratic Republicans were there to give it. When the Jay Treaty emerged they rejected itand decided it would be better to have strong connections with France, instead of the country that had given them so much grief. Theywere more attracted to a state based government giving each state more independence, and not letting to much power be kept in oneplace. Joe Rice Information Found at
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