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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. The book must be shipped which creates gases2. We have to cut down trees to create paper 3. We have to create the ink which uses gases4.Some people throw books in the garbage5. Some people burn books which creates fumes6. You have to drive to the store to pick it up7. Packaging of the book to come to Canada8. It takes more energy to create hardcover books The Effects Of Reading A Book! Positive 1. Only use your own energy2. Can be reused by lending it to other people3. Books can be recycled4. While you are reading you are not using any gases5. You can read a book outside without disturbing any animals6.Reading opens up your vocabulary7.Reading is great for the brain8. Reading helps open up peoples imagination Negative Instead of... I can... 1. Throwing books out that I don't want2. Cutting down trees to create the pages for the book3.Recycling a book4.Driving to pick up the book5. Creating ink which creates gases6. Buying hardcover books 1. Lend the book to a friend to read2. Read books on a Kodo E-Reader or online books3.Go to the library to get a book4. Download the book on the computer or a tablet5. Buy online books that read it to you6. Don't buy a hardcover book 1. To package books you need about 8 materials to package 2. 4 billion trees have been cut down in the past 44 years for paper 3. It takes 5 months for one piece of paper to break down think about a whole book!4. Reading a book makes your brain become more active and healthier5. It takes 7 to 11 business days to deliver a book think how much gas is going into the air6. To go pick up a book from the library you can ride your bike or walk there instead of driving 7. If you are very stressed, you should read a book, it will help reduce stress Specific Impacts of Reading a Book References 1. www.wikihow.com2. www.ecology.com3www.serendipitousscavenger.wordperess.com4. By: Sierra Anzit
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