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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer DOG Tom meets Becky.Tom Drops a pinchbug on the sermonTom meets Huck FinnTom wants to be a pirate Appears washedout and drained.Portrays the coldlook of the movie gives a hint of the movie's theme. Tom hits Alfred Temple.Tom lies about skipping school and almost gets away with it.Tom tricks a lot of into white washing a fence for him.He traded goods to get the Dore Bible. Tom and Huck witness the murder of Doc Robinson.They run from the murderTom and Huck make a pactBecky Breaks up with Tom. The town finds Doc Rob dead.They "actually" become pirates Aunt Polly finds out about Tom;s liesTom takes blame for Becky Tom+Becky=togetherKids pull prank on drunk school master.Tom joins the cadets of temperanceTom testifies on behalf of Muff Potter, The kids go to find treasure in the haunted houseand hear Injun Joe's plans to hide gold. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Injun Joe is discovered dead in the cave .Huck and Tom find the treasure. Widow Douglas wants to bring huck into civilization.Huck ends in going back to a civil life Chapters 1-4 chapters 5-8 Chapters 9-13 Chapters 14-18 TARGETAUDIENCE Chapter 19-23 Chapter 24-27 Chapters28-32 Chapters33-35 By: Daniel Buttram Tom Huck and Joe find out that people think they are deadThey show up at their own funeral.Tom and Joe Makes kids jealous They go lookin for in jun joes gold.Injun joe plots to kill widowdouglas but is caught by huckand is stopped. Tom is lost in the cavewith becky.They get out of the cave.
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