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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Cell Phone: The good, the bad, and the Innovation. A first in technology High Demand Cons Pros Ever since cell phones started becoming more and more popular,there has been a much higher demandin the elements required for our phones to function properly causing huge amountsof land being raided of their natural elements. The first cellular phoneswere huge and very difficult to carry therefor,they were first installed in cars and trucks.Later technology proved to make the cell phones easier to carry and became more and more mobile.In 1992, the very first pocket sized cell phone was released to the public. IBM produced a prototype under the COMDEX trade show and technology.Cell phones have evolved from what looked like a brick,to a very tiny 2 cm long by 1 cm wide ear piece nowused in today's technology. Whats next for our constantly evolving cell phone? Our cell phones are a almost a mandatorytechnology in today's day and age. If you look at different employers, on the applicationit probably asks for you cell phone number andinformation. Most people are constantlyusing their cell phones at every hour of theday either checking the weather, texting a friendor family member, or even listening to music or watching a movie or tv show. Some phones now even support live TV and live news. Our cellphones keep us connected to the world that was virtually impossible 10 years ago. The Metals and other elements requiresfor our cell phones to function, are in either remoteareas around the world or are in poverty filled countries devastating the local environment. Our cell phones also emit a potentially dangerous amount ofradiation that have proved to render men infertile and may potentially cause small amounts of brain damage.
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