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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Wizard of Oz:Hero's Journey DOG Through furthercourse of thestory, Dorothy'snew call is that she is stuck in astrange new land and mustfind a way toget back home through traveling to theEmeraldCity in search of aid from the Wizard of Oz. While in thismysterious land,Dorothy is confrontedby a beautifulwoman in a dress.She introducesherself as Glynda,Good Witch of theNorth. She tellsDorothy where sheis and how sherecently killedthe Wicked Witchof the East. Along the road, Glyndaheals Dorothy andguides her on theright path. After all theirchallenges,the Scarecrow,the Lion, theTin Man, andDorothy each receive an ultimate reward. Forhis brains,the Scarecrowreceives a diploma, the Lion for his nerve amedal, and the Tin Man a clockshaped like a heart for his heart (all three fromthe Wizard ofOz). Dorothyeventually receiveswisdom from herquest oncereturning home. The form of supernaturalaid Dorothyreceives is apair of magical red shoesonce worn by the Wicked Witchof the East. At the end ofthe tale, it willtake her backto Kansas andhome sweethome While a twister strikes Dorothy's home, she andher dog, Toto, areseparated from those she loves and istrapped inside her house.The house is then blownabout due to the twister.When the ruckus finallystops, she opens a doorto find a magical land,filled with bright colorsand strange little peopleknown as munchkins.(aka Oz) Upon entering Oz, Dorothy befriendsmany beings. Threemain companionsshe manages tostrike includesa Scarecrow,who looks tohave a brainfrom the Wizard,a Tin Man, wholooks to have aheart from theWizard, and a Lion,who looks to havecourage from theWizard. Dorothymeets them allon her way to theEmerald City,and each accompanyher to the city. The Abyss Super-naturalAid The point in the story wherethe mentor isintroduced tothe hero.The mentor assists the heroin guidance and"close calls",times of beginning danger. Call toAdventure The time in which thehero leaves his/her known world and journeys into mysterious unknown worldto start their quest. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy,the hero, uniquely calls herselfto leave her ordinary life atthe Kansas farm with her aunt,uncle, and farmhands.She also wishes to leave due to her dog, Toto, being threatenedto be taken away. Crossing theThreshold The new and cunningitem or token given to the hero.It provides assistancein some way. New Friends The beingsthe heromeets onthe road.They arenot a guidingmentor, butdo provideassistanceand friendship. The point in the story inwhich the hero is called to leave the known world and embark on a journey Meeting the Mentor The time in the storyin which thehero and the companionsare trappedand in defintiedanger. There is no turningback after thispoint. Other acquaintancesDorothy makes is the munchkins who greet her, the inhabitants of the Emerald City, and theWizard of Oz himself,who grants the journeyerstheir ulitmate reward. Ultimate Reward The abyss in this plotinvolves Dorothyand her dog, Toto, beingcaptured by their main adversary, theWicked Witch of theWest. The two of are locked in a castle chamber, with noneof their on-the-road companions. The point inthe plot in which the hero and his/her have their "compensation"for their trials.
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