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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The War of 1812 Leading to The War of 1812 As The British and French War was being fought America tried to stay away from choosing sides. Jefferson tried to place an Embargo stopping American ships to sail to foreign cities but the Embargo failed and replaced with the Non-intercourse Act. This Act states whoever between French and Britain signs first with America and lifted off all trade restriction America will cut off the opposite side. Facing British attacks against sailors andships, for example and American ship called Chesapeakewas shot at without any warning by a British ship upset U.S Congress and finally declared War. President During The War James Madison As president he was an uncomfortable position due to everyone questioning if he was capable for the war Generals/Captain Henry Dearborn William Hull Isaac Hull Battles Horseshoe Bend(1814)Fort Dearborn(1812)Detroit(1812)Constitution(1812)Macedonian(1812)Wasp vs. Frolic(1812)Shannon vs. Chesapeake(1813)Put-in-Bay(1813)Thames(1813)Washington D.C(1814)Lake Champlain(1814)Fort McHenry(1814)New Orleans(1815) Andrew Jackson Horseshoe Bend Fight between a tribe known as The Creek Indiansand General Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson planned a successful attack on Creek towns of Tallushatchee and Talladega.He scouted their escape plan and interfered by stealing their canoes and positioned some of his men to the front of enemy camp and the back.On March 27 they attacked and killed about 800 including women and children. In the end Jackson was a hero for ending the Creek War. Jackson even made the tribesign a punishing peace treaty forcing them to give up 20 million acres of land to the U.S. Constitution The war quickly moved to seas between the U.S Navy and English ships. The star of this battle goes by the name of Captain Isaac Hull. He wasthe Captain for one of the best U.S frigates. Towards the end of the battle a shot bounced off the Constitution giving it a new nickname "Old Ironside"After an unexpected victory it filled Americans with pride. Washington D.C The battle in Washington D.C is the most memorable battle. The English made it seem like they were ready forpeace negotiation but in reality they were targetingthe capital. After taking our militia soldiers by Maryland bordersoldiers marched right to the capital. The President and many citizensfled. The English had a party and burned down The White House. New Orleans After Andrew Jackson's success in Horseshoe Bend he was chosen to commandthe U.S Army in the south. They quickly killed the General on the opposing sideand the British knew they were hopeless and began to flee. Andrew Jackson became a war hero only losing 70 men while killing about 2,000 men. The Star Spangle Bander Written by attorney Francis Scott Keyafter witnessing bombing in Fort McHenry.He saw a American flag standing. Next morningthe flag was still standing and inspired him to write. The End of The War of 1812 The war ended with the Treaty of Ghentstating to return how things were beforethe war. Leaving the war a tie. After the Hartford Conventionthe Federalist Party died. America learned from their mistakeand learned it is necessary to always have 10,000 soldiers ready. It even taught them to begin trainingfor young talented officers to become strong leaders for future battles. But most importantly it taught The United States of Americathey can support and defend themselves from any war.
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