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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COMFORTABLE The UP Express Traveller LOGO HERE SECURE CONNECTED You're on board a state-of-the-art express train, far faster, safer and more reliable than any car, taxi or limo. Your bags are in sight in their storage compartment and you can get help any time from our highly-trained Guest Service Representatives. Stay in touch or search the Web with Wi-Fi service throughout UP Express, as well as device charging stations on board our trains. These may be the best seats you'll haveon your entire journey! Recline in comfort, lower the handy tray table, or use the on-board washrooms. You won't miss your flight because of gridlock. Your luggage is already checked in at the airline kiosk. Just sit back and enjoy the trip. Missed the train? The next one will be along in just 15 minutes. Fast, reliable and less than half the price of a taxi or limo from downtown Toronto. Shouldn't YOU be an UP Express traveller, too? REFRESHED RELAXED INFORMED UP Express travellers go from Union Station to Toronto Pearson in just 25 minutes, and enjoy an elevated experience on the way.When you're moving on UP, you'll feel the difference ... With up-to-date flight schedules, on-board information screens and super helpful staff, there's no more guess-work about your journey. Before or after your trip, take advantage of theUP stairs Lounge at Union Station to relax andreconnect with your world.
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