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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Only two people namedLaocoon and Cassandra,said that they did not thinkthat they should have thehorse but they wereignored. The Trojanscelebrated what theythought was their victoryand brought in the horse.That night, after most ofTroy was asleep or drunkthe Greeks got out andattacked. Menealeus, whowas going to killhis wife because ofher unfaithfulnessto him, gotdistracted by herbeauty and let her live. They all lived happily ever after. Background of the War The Greeks found out that Troy was getting supplies from their neighboring cities.So they fought them for years, but couldnot get past thewalls of Troy. When Paris got Helen, wife of Menelaus, Menelaus was very angry. He got all of Helens pastsuitors to help fight to get her back, because of a promise theyall made when Menelaus was married to Helen. As a reward from Aphrodite, Trojan leader Paris, got the most beautiful human woman in the world, that started the whole war between the people of Greece and the people of Troy. The war lasted 9 years. The Trojan War The whole Trojan War was startedafter, "The Judgement of Paris,"where Paris was asked to choosebetween, Hera, Aphrodite, andAthena, on who was mostbeautiful. Zeus could not pick,because one was his wife, one washis daughter, and the last was the godess of beauty. So, he had Paris pick based on the best gift they could give him. Athena offered to him, to make him a great hero, or military leader, Hera offered to make him rich and give him a beautiful kingdom, lastly Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris cose Aphrodite, and rewarded her the Golden Apple of Discord, something only to be rewarded to the most beautiful lady. Oddysseus came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse. Some peoplesay with the aid of Athena. Whenthe statue was built, Greekwarriors climbed inside, while therest left to decieve the people ofTroy. One man was left behindand pretended to be angry withthe Greeks so he told them thatthere was nothing wrong withtaking the Trojan Horse. What happened first?
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