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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FEDERAL How does the Swiss Confederationfunction? How does it differ from other forms of government? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Switzerland has 20cantons and 6 half cantons. The people of each canton vote in both federal and cantonal elections. Representation is proportional to population. The central power in Switzerlandis composed of bodies. Federal Council Federal Assembly 1. Federal Tribunal -made up of 7 members-members are all of different political parties-one member is elected each each to serve as President CANTONAL -the highest Swiss court-responsible to upholdfederal laws-informed by the Federal Constitution The Swiss Confederation three Federal Council Federal Assembly -made up of the National Council and Council of States-National Council: 200 seats elected every 4 years by Swiss citizens based on proportional representation-Council of States: 46 Councillors, 2 for each canton, 1 for each half canton, elected by people of the canton Federal Tribunal The Power of Confederation In Switzerland, all cantonal laws mustfirst adhere to the federal constitution. The federal constitution applies to all cantons. The Umbrella of Confederation Think of Switzerland's federal government as an umbrella, covering the whole country,including all the cantons. Cantons are led by that are made up of 5-7 elected officials.Cantons have the power to make laws, but they must be in line with the Federal Constitution. CANTONAL EXECUTIVES Communes Cantons are made up of many smaller areas called Each commune takes care of smaller matters pertaining to that specific area. communes
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