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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancestor-Grandmother -self-sufficient-lived in small village-many brothers & sisters-low education level -self-sufficient-lived in small village-many brothers & sisters-low education level The Irish Pub Company embarked on a Country WideResearch Project on pub types and to learn why there was nothing quite like an Irish Pub... Wecreated the 5 styles of Irish Pub! In 1990, Guinness and the Irish Pub Company joined forces. We both saw the great global business opportunityand the historical value embedded in Irish Pubs Did you know that the Irish Pub Company CREATED the Irish Pub Concept that forms the basis of Irish Pub design around the world?? ... Here's the story.... The Leading and Original Irish Pub Design Company The Sole Guinness Irish Pub Concept Designers 01 293 4300 The Irish Pub Company & Guinness rode the wave of expansion throughout Europe, into the USA & the rest of the world!Many followed, many copied and some compromised the concept... BUT... Because we created the concept, we understand it better than anyone else! The Irish Pub Company.The The Original Irish Pub Design & Build CompanyMarket leaders in Irish Pub Design & Build To this day, in 2015, we remain the leaders in Irish Pub Design,Build & Fitout & the only Guinness audited Design and Build company
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