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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Copyright*resources - NAR 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers,,, Mission Statement Mission Statement Since its Start up back in 1971 The Starbucks Compnay has tributed its success around the companys mission statement which is "To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time". Starbucks' Annual Revenue Starbucks' Annual Revenue Starbucks' Corporate Headquarters Starbucks' Corporate Headquarters The headquarters of the worlds most famous coffeechain is located in Seattle Washington, which in fact also happens to be the companys birth place. Starbucks Number of Employees Starbucks Number of Employees The total number of employees that work for Starbucks withinthe United States according to Forbes is 182,000 as of 2014. -Forbes Starbucks WebSite Starbucks Web-Site The Starbucks Companys website is Starbucks Ticker Symbol Starbucks Ticker Symbol The Starbucks Company over the years has seen an increase in its annualrevenues not only internationally but also within the United States. As stated in the compnays fiscal 2013 annual report, in 2012 the companys annualrevenue was at 13,299,000, but then in 2013 it was 14,892,000. This increase in revenue from 2012 to 2013 as mentioned in the report is a 12% increase. - Starbucks Corporation Fiscal 2013 Annual Report Companys that sell their stock need tohave a ticker symbol. The ticker symbol Starbucks uses is (SBUX) according toYahoo Finance. This symbol in turns helps the stakeholders identify the company in which they have purchased stock in. -YahooFinance Starbucks Corporation(SBUX) 90.70 0.39(0.43%) February 11, 2015 Starbucks advantages over its competitors Starbucks advantages over its competitors 12% The Starbucks logo according to "was initially a wood-cut style image of a 2-tailed mermaid or siren...[the companysfamous logo] orginial[ly] had themermaid with bare breasts"( Over the years the company changed its logo tobecome more modernized, the logonow has the mermaids hair cover her body. The actual name of"Starbucks" "comes from CaptainAhab's first mate in the classical noval Moby Dick [whos was in factnamed] starbuck" ( Starbucks Brand Name and Logo Starbucks Brand Name and Logo The key differentiator between Starbucks and its competitors according to a Business Inisder article by Amiee Groth is that 1.) "Starbucks employees actuallyknown the difference between a cappuccion and a latte". 2.) "Starbucks never serves coffeethat has been sitting for longer than 30 minitues". 3.) "Starbucks baristas undergo over 30 hours of training". 4.) Baristas who work 20 hours [a]week are eligible for health insurance". 5.) "[Starbucks also allows] customers to pay with their iPhones". -Buisness Insider Also in a Forbes Magazine article by RachelHennessey who also goes on to mention 3 reasons why Starbucks shines not only during market shortcomngs but also over its competitorsis becasue 1.) Strabucks is a place for everyone "stores today carry a small selection of food itemsand plenty of coffee beveraes...customers have anoption of overindulg[ing] or under-indugl[ing]".2.) Every Starbucks has an ambiance that is very welcoming with "its rich warm color scheme,alternative music, orgaince looking art, and baristas [who wear] green aprons, to the stores strongaroma of coffee down to its casual couches".3.)Starbucks is also consistenly convenient,. as mentioned in the article "the Starbucks experience is the key to winningover customers...[in order to win over customers] baristas work quickly to keep long lines moving [also by allowingcustomers to pay using thier Starbucks app]". By: Daniel Ramirez Marketing 100
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