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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Six Dimensions Of Wellness Education - (Occupational)The Occupational dimension recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment through ones work. Developing this is related to ones attitude about ones work.This value is both personally meaning and rewarding.Some examples of being educationally well are...-Choosing a career which is good for YOUR values, interests, and beliefs.-Developing functional skills through involvement. Physical The physical dimension recognizes the need for physical activity, and for healthy habits. Optimal standards are met through a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Once this is achieved people can gain psychological benefits of better self-esteem, control, and sense of direction.People who are physically well....-Avoid drugs and tobacco.-Have good exercise and eating habits.-Take safety precautions before injuries happen. SocialThe social dimension encourages taking part in ones community. As your social dimension grows you will help improve our world through encouraging healthy habits, and initiating better communication.People who are socially well believe....-It is better to live in harmony with others than conflict-It is better to think of others than just yourself tap and hold to change this title text! IntellectualThe intellectual dimension recognizes ones creative, stimulating mental activities. A person with a well intellectual dimension expands his or her skills while sharing these skills with others. On this path you will see issues related to problem solving, creativity, and learning.People who are intellectually well believe...-It is better to challenge their minds than to become unproductive and satisfied.-it is better to solve problems and not wait. SpiritualThe spiritual dimension recognizes our search for meaning and purpose in human existence. This develops deep appreciation for all forms of life. This dimension also regulates your ups and downs in life. You will know your spiritually well when your actions are consistent with your beliefs.People who are spiritual well believe....-It is better to believe what you believe.-It is better to stay true to yourself rather than follow others. EmotionalThe emotional dimension recognizes awareness and acceptance of ones feelings. You can know you are emotionally well when you feel positive about your life. This dimension includes the capacity to manage feelings and related behaviors. On the path to emotional wellness you can express yourself freely and make personal choices, work independently and make good relationships.People who are emotionally well believe....-It is better to not hide your feelings.-It is better to be optimistic. The six dimensions can help you achieve your full potential. They are guidelines that every person should follow to grow physically and mentally.
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